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   Chartres, France

Welcome Pilgrim and Vision Seeker,
This place is the ancient Druids' most sacred "Sanctuary of Sanctuaries" located on a ley line linking Glastonbury, Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. Here the earth's vital energy radiates in a vortex. This journey is part of the "Whirl Wind Vision Quest and Leadership Program."

In ancient times, Chartres was a clearing in a woods where the Druids worshipped the virgo paritura, a virgin about to give birth. The Druids were the keepers of an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the disciplines known at that time. They had deep experiential knowledge of the stars and of their movements, of the dimensions of the world and the land, of the nature of things and of the power of the gods. Their teaching was only oral, as the Druids forbade the use of writing.

One Druidic myth is that Chartres was the center of the planet for all the Druids. This was where the virgin was continually giving birth to a new world, where humanity was "perpetually                               becoming" in a state of constant evolution. 
This place allowed the Druids to learn and teach psychic and spiritual abilities, higher knowledge and wisdom. It was a place of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, and also a place to resolve personal, group and even planetary problems. The Druids generated power from this place and then used it to connect to each other, other communities, Mother Earth and the Universe.

Through ritual and ceremony, the Druids used arcane knowledge to "seal in" the immense power of their sacred sanctuary. This is why Chartres, after thousands of years, still vibrates with their wisdom and energy. This place is so sacred that among all the churches in France that are named for Notre Dame, Chartres is the only one in which no king, cardinal or bishop is interred. The Mound must remain inviolate.

Under the direction of the Knights Templar, freemasons built the Chartres Cathedral to focus this powerful earth energy and also to connect with the "sealed in" wisdom and power of the Druids. The cathedral, also known as the " Golden Book", uses these powers to awaken the divine spark in humanity. Chartres, like the other Gothic cathedrals, was built to be a portal to higher dimensions. It is full of gateways to access the spirit world. Like the Druids, the Knights Templar knew how to create these access points.

Our Journey, our Vision Quest, our Pilgrimage
We will come together and activate our highest potential through researching, discovering and embodying the mysteries encoded in this "Golden Book." Chartres Cathedral is an alchemical instrument that is specifically designed to heighten your thoughts and bring you into deeper contact with your Sense of the Divine.

We will share the living stories of the Druids, the Knight Templar, the Ark of the Covenant, the Black Virgin, Mary Magdalene, the Grail and the creative Feminine Principle.

We will experience the "Grottes des Druides" and the Cathedral with its clear use of sacred geometry and mystical use of light that is fused with profound energies. And we will experience the Chartres Labyrinth, called "the Journey to Jerusalem," that has as its purpose the guiding of humanity into the darkness and then out to the light.

Darkness and light will be one of our themes for this journey together. We will seek to access the powers that have called pilgrims to this place for thousands and thousands of years. Through our time together, aided by the Mother Earth energy and the Druids' "sealed in" knowledge, we will attempt to access what is contained and focused by the structure of the cathedral.
As a group, we will alchemically bond to become agents for change to give birth to new realities in our personal lives and on our planet.


Participation and Registration
To register send € 357,-- (Price includes VAT) to "Wervel Wind" at the following account:, M.C.A. Wijffels, Delft.

 For international transactions add: Rabobank Nederland IBAN-number: NL 84 RABO 0358231183 (BIC/Swift code: RABONL2U)

The price includes a preparation booklet and participation in the group from Wednesday evening until Friday around 14.00. For those arriving late on Wednesday or early Thursday morning, the essential program begins on Thursday 9.30.

Once you have registered for the Chartres Pilgrimage, we will send you a 33-page preparation booklet.The booklet discusses the secrets of the Chartres Cathedral and the Knights Templar, describes esoteric exercises to help you prepare for the journey, plus it has stories of the Goddess Sophia for our Thursday evening ritual.

The goal of the booklet is to provide you with an engaging and energizing tool. Although the cathedral and the surrounding area are powerful instruments, they do require desire and focus to become activated for you. Yet, pilgrimages had always required a preparation in order to accept the gifts at the end of the journey.

The French call Chartres "The Illuminated City," They have built a walkway of lights for night-time guests.For those who are able to come early in the evening, we can meet informally on Wednesday evening, 16 June, to walk the lights together, introduce ourselves to each other and greet the magical energy of this city.


The lodging and food options are many in Chartres.
The following websites provide an overview to organize your own lodging. If you want to share a room with someone, we can see if another group member would be interested in teaming up with someone.

Our base will be at the Best Western/Royal Monarch Hotel in Chartres.

A site 50 meters from the Cathedral with a rustic, Spartan feel (it was an old cloister) is: Hotellerie Saint-Yves 

Other lodging options include: Hotels France Bookings 

Come and Join Us on this Vision Quest.