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The Damanhur Temples are a demonstration of what can be realized
by the creativity of a human group animated by a common ideal.     

Damanhur -- "The City of Light"

Wervel Wind in Damanhur

With Damanhur, Wervel Wind can provide inspiration and an alternative viewpoint to the human purpose for this planet. Wervel Wind provides weekly or weekend courses in Damanhur, Italy.  These programs, complete with personal coaching and group interaction, provide a unique formula of access to the power of this magical and inspiring community called Damanhur.   Week-long workshops with the group provide access and direction to allow you to integrate the transforming spirit of this place. You will be visiting the Damanhur Temple of Mankind, connecting with nature spirits, reliving past-life workshops, taking trips to medieval Italian villages in the nearby mountains, and creating sculptures that you did not think were within your capability. The Whirl Wind experience in Damanhur has the potential to expand your awareness beyond what you can imagine now, because the knowledge that you receive is other worldly!

Damanhur, Italy

Damanhur is a community of people who live in the Aosta Mountains in the north of Italy. They have a unique style of living which combines art, science, spirituality and daily life in a magical way. Part of their philosophy is that life is a game which is moving towards more joy, beauty and harmony. Every year visitors come to Damanhur to expand their existing talents and to re-awaken the magic in their lives. This 30-year experiment has redefined the concept of intentional communities.  With a love for humanity and a commitment to changing the way we treat our planet and each other, Damahur has ambitious goals for itself.  These goals, though spiritual and lofty in their intention, are as concrete as their greatest creation--the world's largest temple inside of a mountain.  Come and experience how a group of individuals can create was entire countries could not.  Bring this same inspiration into your own world.  If you would like to learn more about Damanhur, visit their website at: www.damanhur.org.