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Weekend or Full Week at Damanhur 
For your business, group, or by yourself, Wervel Wind can set a program that provides you with the spiritual knowledge and tools to go to that next level of consciousness and power.  Here's a typical weekend or weekly course offering for someone new to Damanhur or for those returning.

 Proposed Weekend at Damanhur

Friday: Arrival Welcome to Damanhur.  Settle in at the guest house, connecting with all the energy aroud you.  Visit to Damijl and to the general areas of the Damanhur Federation.
Saturday: Temples of Mankind Preparation exercises to widen the perceptions: Sacred Dance, Inner Harmonising, Walking Meditation in Stone Circuits, Meditation with the Selfic Paintings--ending with a visit to the Temples of Humankind. The Temples are a sophisticated instrument acting as a planetary antenna for contacting superior forces to assist in re-awakening the divine in humanity.
Sunday: Morning Meditations Integration exercises of meditation. Damanhurian instruction on Game of Life.









Proposed Week-long Stay at Damanhur


Astral Travel Workshop Level I

Astral Travel Workshop Level I



*Reawakening the Inner Senses / Dream Interpretation

*Reawakening the Inner Senses / Dream Interpretation



Past Life Regression/ Clay Workshop

Past Life Regression/ Clay Workshop

Late Evening:  * Contact with the Cosmos



*  Contact with the Cosmos (until Friday 9 a.m.)

18.00 Talk with the leaders of Damanhur



** Finding your Mission

Finding your Mission

Solstice / Equinox Celebration


*       Requires a previous visit to the Temples of Humankind.

**       This is a series of four workshops directed to finding your mission.

The course sequence and availability can be subject to change depending on synchronicity, weather, and the number of course registrants.


Course Descriptions


Astral Travel: In this course you will receive the foundational instruction about directing your own out-of-body experiences.  This is a proven technique researched over the past 30 years in Damanhur.  The ability to astral travel opens new doors of understanding and appreciating the unseen world that surrounds us and that interacts with us.  
Interpretations of Dreams:  This course brings you closer to one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable forces at your disposal—your own subconscious.  The ability to interpret your dreams allows you to become your own personal coach in a more intimate and instructive way than you ever thought possible.  Each evening your divine part talks to you through dreams.  This course is a practical guide to getting in contact with your wisest, most powerful part.


Contacting the Cosmos:  Spend an evening in the largest spiritual antenna on the planet—The Temples of Humankind! This course is designed to expose you to galactic forces of knowledge and inspiration.  Visions, dreams, and messages are common experiences within this course.  The Temples are the foundational instruments of Damanhurian spirituality, and this course is an invitation to experience that power in a very intimate way.

 New Mediumship:  Any group of committed researchers can create a spiritual entity that acts for them in the material world.  Damanhur has perfected the technology of creating positive, loving and effective forces working for the good of any group.  This course sets the guidelines of how to create and then direct these powerful spiritual forces.

 Finding your Mission:  This four-part series of courses is designed to help you discover the highest possible path for this lifetime.  Aided by Damanhurian time technology,  you will learn to recreate your past in order to transform your present. You will also learn that the limits now shaping your lfe have been imposed by you.

Solstice/Equinox Celebrations:  Damanhur celebrates each changing season through ritual and prayer to the divine.  These critical periods mark important moments in our spiritual year.   These rituals create a flow of creative spirit for you to manifest your yearly goals. The energy of Damanhur, amplified through ritual, can help you direct the forces in your life to achieve what your dreams.

Reawaken the Inner Senses:  You will open new doors of understanding by reawakening your inner senses and your internal divinity.  This workshop increases your awareness of your esoteric senses and your dormant inner powers.  The course concludes with a spriitual exercise/experience in the Temples of Humankind.