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Learn the Lessons of Ancient Will and Leadership to Transform Your Life

Wervel Wind returns to the Middle East with new information about the history of mankind.  Integrate the information while in contact with some of the most powerful and ancient energy points on our planet.  These are the energies that continue to shape our world today.  This is the chance for a deeper understanding of what forces affect our lives.  These energies can move us in a very Individual, personal way.  And these forces can also direct or force changes or behavior among countries. How can we as aware individuals learn to direct these forces?  How can we as individuals take control of our personal direction and the direction of our beautiful planet?    Again the focus is LEADERSHIP--in your company, in your life, in your relationships.  Through contact with unexplained mysteries, ancient energies, and those living today who are the keepers of such knowledge, you can open new channels of info and support for your life's mission.  Wervel Wind invites you on another Middle Eastern journey to discover the mysteries inside and outside of you. 

Put Yourself in the Mysteries That Can Bring you a New Consciousness: 

--Experience the energy flow and building precision of the awe-inspiring structures in Giza;
--Meditate privately in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid--just like the ancient initiates and the pharaohs.
--Connect with the Sphinx in a private tour and meditation.
--See how the history  of the Egyptians in the Sinai has effected the history of humankind to this day.
--Study the Sinai Desert Sky like the ancient wise ones.
--Feel the energies of the world's first monotheist, and see what the forces of his day did to his dream;
--Decide for yourself if  Akhenaton, the "heretic" pharaoh, had magical powers and from whom.
--Feel and study the connection between the stone masons who built Petra and Europe's Gothic cathedrals.

Wervel Wind invites you to join its Middle East meditation group. 
Maybe you can find some answers to old questions.
Or maybe you can find new questions to ask.