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At the edge of the great Sahara desert lays perhaps the greatest mystery in all of Ancient Egypt--a mystery as powerful as the Great Pyramid itself.  Some say these mostly overlooked pyramids in Saqqara tell the tale of who built the Great Pyramid, why they were built, and even when they were built.  Situated 16 kilometers due south of the Giza plateau, the necropolis of Saqqara might well link an Atlantean past with the Great Pyramid builders.  Five particular pyramids on and around the Saqqara plateau contain mysterious Hieroglyphic writings that some consider to be written by the last five Atlantean kings.  Known as the Pyramid Texts, these writings have inspired and perplexed scholars since their initial discovery in 1882.  The orthodox interpretation holds that these Pyramid Text Hieroglyphics—and the pyramids that contain them—are mere ritual instructions no older than 3000 B.C.E.  Not so says Clesson Harvey, who considers the orthodox dating schemes hopelessly (or intentionally) incorrect.  Harvey, an American chemistry and physics teacher, has studied the Pyramid Texts for over 40 years and put all of his research on the web, www.pyramidtexts.com.  His interpretations are unique, but also thorough and consistent.  For Harvey, orthodox interpretations fail to see that the Pyramid Texts are precise instructions on how to use an Atlantean meditation technique.  This method, according to Harvey's reading of the Pyramid Texts, can unleash extraordinary powers like telekinesis and levitation. While other interpretations consider the Pyramid Texts empty ritualistic sayings, Harvey contends: 


(1) that the Pyramid Text Hieroglyphic Letters of the Alphabet are Atlantean definers,
(2) that the Pyramid Text Hieroglyphic Spelling is its Atlantean definition,
(3) that the Pyramid Text Hieroglyphic Grammar is programmable,
(4) that the Pyramid Text Hieroglyphic prepositions are Atlantean case signs,
(5) that the Pyramid Text Hieroglyphic vocabulary is an Atlantean dictionary,
(6) that the Pyramid Text Hieroglyphic writing is over 78,000 years old.


Spiritual Instructions:  Most scholars consider the Pyramid Texts burial rituals with endless repetitions of anthropomorphical allusions to stars and the corresponding powers of kingly rule.  But Harvey believes these texts to be deeply spiritual meditation instructions.  Through this method of Atlantean meditation, the kings of ancient times could tap the extraordinary powers of levitation and telekinesis, powers that still lay within each of us.  Further still, Harvey says that these meditation instructions explain how the Atlantean kings used the Great Pyramid--as a place of meditaton.  In effect, these Atlantean kinds would enter the specific chambers of the Great Pyramid and recite the utterances pertaining to each chamber.  So, even though the Great Pyramid walls themselves have no Hieroglyphs, these five pyramids containing the Pyramid Texts have more than 3000 lines of Hieroglyphs instructing the kings on what to say and in which chamber to say them--all the while meditating in total darkness.  Could this explain the use of the Great Pyramid Coffer found in the King’s Chamber?  Might the coffer have been used as a place to lie and perform the Atlantean meditation techniques?


oglyphic writing is over 78,000 years old.