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Day 1:  Cairo 

11.00       Morning Meditation and welcome meeting

13.00       Lunch break at Sphinx Guest House or in front at sphinx restaurant

14.00       Tour of Giza Plateau

19.00       Evening Meal at El Azhar (Citadel View) with topics about Self Management

      and Leadership


Day 2: Stay at Giza

Morning:          Meditation and general info about Meditation in Pyramids

Afternoon:       Meditation in Great Pyramid (to be confirmed)

Evening:           Integration exercises and private programs for each participant:

                             --card readings/personal coaching/creating clarity in personal

  intentions and goals


Day 3: Visit Saqqara  Drive to Oasis

09.00       Morning visit to Saqqara complex.

12.30       Lunch/swim at El Ezba/El Kabira meal complex;

--Discussions about the role of pyramids in increasing consciousness.   

15.00       Afternoon drive to Al-Bahriya desert oasis. 

19.00       Diner and Evening program in Al-Bahriya huts in desert.


Day 4: Trip to the White Desert
09.00       Morning meditation and program
11.00       Drive to a sulphur spring and lunch

14.00       Visit Acaba
18.00       Dinner and Evening program at White Desert

Day 5: From White Desert to Pyramids

08.00          Morning meditation and program

10:00          Visit to another sulphur spring

12:00          Lunch in desert oasis

14:00          Dinner and Evening Program

 Day 6: From White Desert to Pyramids

 08.00         Morning meditation and program

10:00          Visit to another sulphur spring

12:00          Lunch in desert oasis

14:00          Drive to Cairo

18:00          Dinner, evening program and sleep in New Sphinx Guest House

Day 7:  From Pyramids to El-Minya

09.00         Visit Cairo Museum re: Akhenaton/Tutankhamen

14.00         Trip to El-Minya –Lunch package

19.00         Dinner at Hotel Aton

21.00         Evening Program at Hotel Aton: Akhenaton. 


Day 8: From El-Minya to Pyramids

09.00          Visit temples/graves of Akhenaton

15.00          Return to Cairo.

19.00          Dinner and Evening program with Egyptologist.


Day 9: Cairo – Amsterdam/Italy/Spain/America

AM:    Meditation

PM:    Evaluation and Conclusion --creating your individual program


Trip to Airport