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 The Energy of Hawaii is EVERYWHERE.


In the sea with the dolphins and whales,

In the steam caves and hot water pools ,

In the lava as it rushes to the sea,

In the lush vegetation and waterfalls of the valleys,

In the sunset atop the world's highest mountain ...

Why Hawaii?

Because it is the most remote place on earth, a multidimensional paradise that embodies all of nature\'s elements.  It is a crossroad of mysteries:

--From snowy summits to molten lava that pours into the ocean.  When the lava hits the sea, it forms sand and rock--Hawaii grows.  This wonderful alchemical process creates and opens doors to many dimensions.

--From lava deserts and tropical rainforests to coral reefs with dolphins and whales. The dolphins and whales bring joy and healing to our cellular intelligence, awakening us to a new awareness.

--From the legends and culture of the Hawaiian people to Lemuria, the lost continent of the Pacific.  The keepers of these ancient, hidden mysteries are still among us today, known as Kahunas.

We will research kahuna teachings, intending to unlock the door that leads to our most desired future.

We will find inspiration for new leadership, raising our "mana"--the life force, the means by which our mind affects matter--to bring out our magnetism, charisma, power, genius and inspiration.

Our base of research will be the Big Island, connected to our first chakra and known for rebirth.  We will be swimming, playing and communicating with dolphins and whales.  We will participate in spiritual practices at the volcano--home of the Hawaiian goddess Pele--and at other powerful and sacred places.