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You are power, you are creativity
You are dancing with an eternal vibration
Deep down you are a moving vital fire
And with explosions of lava and fire
You remind us of our own free, spontaneous and intuitive nature
You remind us of our own inner fire
You loosen the glue of our present reality
You can be a foundation stone for a
totally new beginning

You can manifest a new level of prosperity

The Kilauea Volcano

To see new land being created right before your eyes, and from the source!   It’s a continual demonstration of the constancy of the life force. New land emerging from within the earth.  Spontaneously you get quiet, and a deep respect arrives for this pulsating lava, and for the Goddess Pele.
All around you there is a wonderous sound of fairy-like twinkling.  It’s the sound of the stone-surface breaking into thousands of pieces of rock.  In between those pieces of rock slowly flows a pattern of countless fire-streams.  Imagine that you close your eyes and experience this mystery of the earth.
Imagine it’s night and through your closed eyelids you see the hypnotic red glow of the lava.  Feel the moving warmth…….You are at the Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano on the planet.

Goddess Pele

Madame Pele is an energy with supernatural power. Pele is around the active crater Halema 'uma 'u at the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island.   This volcano creates mana, the sacred energy source for spiritual transformation and healing.

There are photos taken of volcanoes erupting in which a woman’s face has appeared in the middle of the fire and smoke! This is Madame Pele. She is an eternal spark of creation. She is expanding our awareness about the intelligence behind matter. She lets us remember who we really are….and brings us to the place where miracles occur easily.

Before a volcano eruption, she can appear as an old hag or a sensuous woman. The many ancient legends describe her as impetuous, lusty and mysterious. She can be gentle and loving, but also unpredictable and capable of sudden fury and great violence-evoking a comparison with the Indian goddess Kali.

Exploring the message of Pele

In Hawaii we are going to experience and explore this goddess energy.
She will wake us up and will challenge us to go to a new level of awareness, a new level of creation. She will challenge us to see things like they really are , and to re-order our life towards the realization of our dreams.
It’s a good time to stop being reactive at events happening around us.
It’s a good time to fully accept our powers and talents and to use them to fulfill our dreams.
It's a good time for our everyday dreams to become life's mission.