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We are going to play the GAME OF LIFE for nine days on the Big Island.  It will be our own private game board with many elements to use:

- The ocean with dolphins and whales--sharing multidimensional lives;
- The volcanoes with creative + destructive power--Goddess Pele;
- The ancient presence of Mu;
- Kahuna’s--Hawaiian spiritual leaders.


In these NINE DAYS, we are going to play with the elements to reach for a higher level of mastering our reality. This will be a spiritual quest.  We will be using skills like astral travel, storytelling, and healing with touch, light and sound.  Our goal is to connect with the deepest part of ourselves, perhaps our past life experiences or certain memories that we would like to transform.  We are the creators.  Through forgiveness rituals we can travel to new dimensions--inside and outside of ourselves.  As directors of our own play in the game of life, we balance and harmonize our lives within, so that we manifest the same energy in our lives without.

Hawaii is a significant tool for this process, because it is an energy volcano.  Spiritualists have called it a "power vortex" that connects to the Great Pyramid of Giza and similar energetic vortexes in India, creating an energy grid that keeps the planet intact.  These energies, and our interactions with them through our program, will provide the fuel for transformation.




Swimming with the dolphins, listening to the whales undersea.  Climb mountains.

Meeting with kahunas and learning more about the esoteric connection between ancient Egypt and Hawaii—the interconnected of all mystery schools, the interconnected of all life. The knowledge and all life itself comes from the same source.

Spend time with Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. Learn the legends of  the Land of Mu.  Experience its spirituality via the lush valleys and desert wastelands.We turn again to the Kahuna teaching, the mystery school knowledge that resonates with to the mystical White Brotherhood of Ancient Egypt or the Essenes.