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Dolphin energy is the frequency

of joy,
of movement
of creating flow
flow of love
flow of abundance
an opening of the heart
as never before….

Swimming in a Hawaiian bay, I hear dolphins in the distance. I can only see the sun shining its rays in the crystal-clear water. I am happy, and I love where I am. Suddenly, six dolphins surround me, swirling around me and encouraging me to dive deeper with them. They dive deeper, but always swim back toward the surface to make sure I’m following them. Deeper we go. They encircle me. I rise for air. They follow, continuing to surround me. They leave and come back, again and again, always circling. I realize that they want me to mimic their movements. And when I do, something changes inside of me. I feel that I have changed. I think differently or is it that I have different emotions or different ideas? I don’t know for sure, but I do realize that with their sounds, they have touched something magic inside of me.

The most common specie of dolphin in Hawaiian waters is the Spinner Dolphin, so named because of their habit of shooting up out of the water and spinning in a pirouette before splashing down in the water. They also have the habit of swimming with you eye-to-eye, staying by your side. Of course, if the thought of actually being in the water with wild dolphins makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always go in a boat to visit the spinners. Then you might have as many as 300 of these delightful creatures circling your boat and interacting with you. As with everything in a Wervel Wind experience, it is your choice.

Dolphins as healers? I know a woman who was considering removing her silicone breast implants.  When she was swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii, their sound really affected her breasts. Soon after the swim, one of her silicone implants broke. She immediately went to the hospital emergency room.  What they discovered was that she had an undetectable and dangerous infection in her breasts just below the actual implants. She would never have discovered that infection if she had not come in to the hospital to remove the silicone implant that had burst.

Dolphins as spiritual masters? Their biggest gift is the feeling of unconditional love. It comes through their sound, their movements, through the images they send. Old pains release. Joyful feelings return. Dolphins are highly evolved, omni-dimensional beings. They bring us to a new awareness, a new perspective. We begin to feel the emotions of joy, playfulness, and harmony. We resonate with virtues like beauty, wisdom and grace. In interacting with us, they encourage us to attain these life-enhancing qualities.

Dolphins communicate through vibrations, through sonar and synchronised movement, through acoustic images, feelings, sounds and group energy fields. Dolphins seem to operate out of a different paradigm than humans, outside of our rational thinking. We can learn their ways and enrich ourselves. Their unconditional love and acceptance create a feeling of complete safety when we are in their presence.

The Humpback Whales are also part of the Hawaiian spiritual experience. Although you are not allowed to swim with whales in the way that you can the dolphins, you can hear their songs from miles away. Without vocal cords, the Humpback Whales produce complex sounds that are the lowest and highest that the human ear can hear. Their songs go deeply within us, resonating in our bones and our entire body, awakening our memories of ancient connections. With whale vibrations, you feel expanded, as if the sound is vibrating through your body and stretching your cells. Physical boundaries disappear.

If you would like more direct contact with whales, come with us on our boat tour. Each year the Humpbacks migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to give birth in the warm island waters. They are in Hawaii now, and we will likely meet them on our boat trip. When we do, we will probably see mother whales nurturing their babies, while the males are breaching nearby—just for the sheer joy of it. And even from the boat, we can hear their singing. Each year they sing a specific song in a constant repetition.

Connecting with the Humpbacks is like meeting a huge consciousness of wisdom, far beyond anything we can comprehend. Some consider whales as the “librarians” of the Earth’s evolution. Since water has a memory and is never destroyed--only recycled--you might say that all of the Earth’s history remains locked in these ocean archives. Perhaps the whales can access the information, circulate it and contribute to it – communicating via the intelligence stored in the water molecules.