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The Kahunas

The Hawaiian wisdom of huna is the same wisdom as other tribal peoples around the world. It is considered one of the three original teachings of our planet, the Theraputi, or therapist approach to life, the Maggi, or magicians, and the Essene, those closest to the Hawaiians, people of the spirit or “essence” of life.  Jesus was said to have been a rebel priest of the order of the Essenes.

The Kahunas are great sorcerers and magicians. They are the steward of the Secret Force, Master of the Invisible Essence. In Ancient Hawaii, the kahuna carefully shared these secrets in exclusive teachings and initiations.

Kahuna are experts in a great variety of fields, particularly in spiritual development and healing. The Huna practice is all about using the power of the mind to create reality. It is also about savoring existence joyfully while experiencing all that we can be. Huna offers a process for getting all parts of ourselves in agreement through effective prayer, methods for conflict resolution, ways for clearing emotional blocks and many other benefits that will come naturally as we bring these practices into our lives.

Kahuna’s live the following subjects:
Ho’o maika’i: The skill of blessing.
Piko-piko: The skill of energizing power centers.
Ike Papalua: The skill of shifting to another level of awareness.
Noho: The skill of channeling.
Ka’ao: The skill of storytelling.
Kahi: The skill of healing with dual focus.
Ho’omanamana: The skill of empowerment.
Kaulike: The skill of balancing/integrating the body.
Hailona: The skill of tuning into the past, present and future.
La’a Kea: The skill of energizing and haling aka fields.
Haipule: The skill of manifesting events and circumstances.
Kulike: The skill of shape-shifting.
Mo’ike: The skill of interpreting dreams.
Makaku: The skill of creative dreaming.
Komo Po: The skill of shaman journeying.
Kimana: The skill of increasing personal energy.
Nalu: The skill of contemplative manifestation.
Kalana hula: The skill of focused movement.
Ho’ailona: The skill of healing with symbols and omens.
Hana La’a: The skill of ritual and ceremony.
Kuhikuhipu’u’one: The skill of geomancy.
Hele Kikilo: The skill of time travel.
Kahoaka: The skill of magical flight.
Kukulu Kumuhana: The skill of working wth group energy.

The remnants of these skills remain intact.   Each of these skills, and many more, are part of the sacred lore of the kahuna teachers. Some say that these kahunas are so masterful in focusing and directing energy that through breathing and chanting, they can draw lightning from the clouds.  You can learn to be your own Kahuna. You can learn to gather mana to heal yourself or to create magic through the ancient secrets of the past (Waiho Wale Kahiko).

For an insightful look a Hawaiian spirituality, consider reading The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii, by Pila of Hawaii or The Sacred Power of Huna, by Rima A. Morrell, Ph. D.