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What makes Hawaii so phenomenal is its diversity.  It has snow and tropical sun.  It has mountains and beaches.  Rain forests and deserts.  Volcanoes and  . . . HOW DO YOU DRESS FOR A VOLCANO?


Here are a few reminders that might be helpful when you are standing over your suitcase wondering what to actually put in there:

  1. Flashlight or a headlight.  You can also buy them in Hawaii.

  2. Mosquito repellent.  A few hundred years ago, European sailors brought this insect to Hawaii-and the mosquito stayed and thrived.

  3. Two bathing suits.  You might be in the beautiful sea often.

  4. Sun Block--15 or higher.  This is a tropical sun.

  5. Hiking boots.  We will be hiking in mountains and in places where the ground is uneven, like the lava parks.

  6. Mask.  Snorkel.  Fins.  Or you can buy or rent them on the day that you arrive.

  7. A cap or hat to protect yourself from the sun.

  8. Beach clothes.  It is a tropical island.

  9. Clothes for downright COLD weather.  We will be in high altitudes, and it gets frosty.

  10. Clothes that can get dirty or torn.  If we ride bikes on the trails or hike through the volcano park, it tends to be hard on clothes.

  11. A light backpack for all-around use.

  12. Camera

  13. Compass

  14. If you have a wet suit, bring it.  We might be in the ocean waters for a long period each time.

  15. A raincoat.  It can rain, especially near the volcano or in the rain forests.

  16. Electrical plug adaptors for the American-style electrical outlets.  All of your electrical devices must be able to operate with 110-volt power supplies.

  17. An international driver's license.  The US government recommends an international driver's license, but it is not mandatory.  However, some rental car companies require an international driver's license in order to qualify for insurance.  So, if you're not a resident of the US    and if you would like to drive a rental car, then an international driver's license would be worthwhile to obtain.