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 Genius is eternal patienceMichelangelo

There’s three things that "your” genius has in common with all the genius of the world:

First, it’s that part of you that is not in step with everyone else. You’re detached from what others consider real or important.

Secondly, you have a capacity to identify and receive inspiration or insights. You’re open for the download, in a manner of speaking. You’ve prepared yourself to be a container of something new, something wonderful.

And thirdly, you know how to bring that inspiration to others. You’re clever and you can apply your insights in a way that others can understand you and use what you offer.

Sound complicated? It’s not. You only have to have the discipline to do nothing and trust. Gertrude Stein, author, poet and friend to such luminaries as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse said that the most difficult thing about being a genius was the time it took to stay silent and do nothing. That was the investment she saw in allowing one’s genius part to come out. Do nothing, and by doing nothing, you are getting out of your own way and allowing something greater than your thoughts or intentions to come to you.  Hmmmm.

 And now for something completely different. Tijn Toubert recently wrote a book entitled [translated] "The Secret of Genius: discover the genius in yourself." We all want to be a genius at something. Well, Tijn Toubert says that to become a genius, you should DETACH from wanting become one. Here's one of his secrets from this wonderful book:  

Detaching is love. When you detach from the outside world, you come in contact with your inner world. This world is behind your thoughts. It’s a place where you’re fully whole. No fears, not doubts, no insecurities. It’s the world of love. Love is completeness. You can only fully experience this love if you detach from your surroundings.

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