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  "There are only challenges, and where you want to go. Keep your focus."

Instead of focusing on what you might consider as a problem, imagine instead your desired outcome. Focus on that. You are the creator, so create what you want. Now, take actions that relate to what you want to happen -- and don't do anything else. Stay away from the distractions of emotional cycles. Reactions to the "he said/she said" battles are an energetic waste. Stay calm and listen . . . to yourself.

Protect yourself from anything that tries to lure you away from what you want to happen. Allow emotions to flow, but don't be controlled by them. Observe them. Direct them.

Here's a few questions to consider:

1. Where am I putting my focus? 

The default mindset of most of humanity is focus on problems. Focus instead on your inner vision of where you want to go. Not quite sure exactly what you want? Then just focus on the feeling that you want, however it may express itself in your reality.

2. How am I relating (to others, life experiences, and myself)?

This is the Creator Orientation versus Victim Orientation. Do an inventory of your life and really take a look at how you interact with others. Do you find yourself welcoming others? Open to their viewpoints? Grateful for all that you have in your life -- everything?

3. What actions am I taking and what are the motivations for my actions?

Creator/Generative action envisioning the desired reality and taking baby steps.
Victim/Reactive actions based on fear.
Here is where we learn to protect ourselves. We don't need to push ourselves. We only need to accept where we are, without judgment. And then move when we feel it's the right thing at the right time. That's why we say "baby steps." No pressure. No demands. Just movement from your center.

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