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  “The way you talk about yourself and your life— your story—has a great deal to do with what shows up in your day-to-day experience.” 
― David EmeraldThe Power of TED

Here's one possible reason that 87% of those working today are dissatisfied: DRAMA. Perhaps they see themselves as a victim of their boss or their colleague or the economy or their education or . . . And maybe they are seeking or have found their rescuer -- the own who will save them from their victimhood. But that never really happens, because that drama triangle of being a victim of something or someone pops up again.

Let's take a different viewpoint.

No victims. No oppressor. You are being challenged to create. And maybe you could use a coach [like Wervel Wind] to see how you can create with even more power, but the point is: "nobody did anything bad to you, ever. If it's in your life, it's you. It's always and only been you."

So let's get creating. Let's find ways, using ancient and modern techniques, to blossom. That's the Wervel Wind way. We use insights from diverse sources to bring you the deepest change in the quickest possible way.

As a helpful first step, are you asking the right questions?  Click here to find three questions that will help you start your organization's search in the right direction.  

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+31 (0)15-2130525
+31 (0)6-21885785