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Self Management and Leadership Program


Would you like to renew the passion in your life?  Do you want to transform old behaviors into new initiatives that generate energy, joy and purpose. How about reaching your highest potential and evolving your individual world along with the entire planet? 


We invite you to Lower Egypt with us to experience the cycle of mythic renewal.  On this journey, you are able to:



       Receive an inspiring call or vision:  your call or vision will be amplified in the Egyptian pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid.  These are present-day antenna’s that can send you new information about your higher purpose--your mission--in this life.




         Go to a Place of Seclusion and Clarify your Dream:  The Sinai Desert is a place of power.  It looks like an ancient landing place for star ships.  It feels awesome in its intimidating beauty and  harshness.  What can come of this contact with camels and an alternative viewpoint of history?  What will change in your life?  What must change?                                                                                                   

Return home to establish your  dream:  the founding of a new civilization happened over and over in the Sinai.  Monotheism, Mohammed, ancient battles, ancient magic--all of this history centers around the Sinai.  Carve your history in stone, like Petra.  Your spirit is a sort of mountain with magic.  connect with the energy of the Sinai--and make something great.  Define your own new philosophy to influence not only your individual world but also our entire planet.



At the end of the week, you are the founder

 of a wonderful, new world based on your authentic self!








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